Everything You Need To Know To Pose Like A Hot Guy With A Puppy

Everything You Need To Know To Pose Like A Hot Guy With A Puppy

I have made an incredibly important scientific discovery. After multiple observations, I have come to one conclusion: Gorgeous men have unlocked a specific formula to making their puppy photos unbelievably adorable.

Fortunately, I’m willing to share my insights into this mysterious formula (I’ll let you reach your own conclusion). Here are the components:

Grab a pup (preferably with your amazingly sculpted arms).

Get caught reading…while looking incredibly handsome.

It’s fine if this is a common occurrence.

“Forget” your shirt.


Seriously the more you “forget” your shirt, the happier we are, the better your photo will be.

Seriously. Everyone’s happier this way.

Take a nap with your pup, then strategically open your eyes when a camera comes around (don’t tell the dog this plan, he looks cute with his eyes closed anyways).

Pucker up, it’s the law (the unwritten law of great pup and dude photos).

It’s okay if your aim is off, you still get an A for effort.

Class it up.

Or dress it down.

Don’t be afraid to get down ‘n dirty on the floor with your pup.

No, really make friends with the floor.

Get silly!

In fact, the sillier, the better.

Let the pup take center stage, especially if you followed our earlier advice and “forgot” your shirt.

Staring into the distance is NEVER wrong.

Just remember, with the right amount of hotness and a cute puppy, it’s hard to go wrong. Really, really, REALLY hard.

To test it out, we had the Bark & Co guys put these principles into action! The result?


#NuffSaid. 🙂

h/t to Buzzfeed

Feature Image via Instagram user @SmithCulberson