There are far too many things to sniff in a winter wonderland for just one pup. Good thing these two have each other for optimum sniffage.
The only thing easier than being pulled on a sled is being adorable and fluffy.
"These are not snow and thus they must come down" - this adorable pooch
We truly cannot see where the snow ends and this puppy begins.
This pup will not be wooed out of his comfy box by his big brother.
Although at first they were hesitant to touch the white stuff, shortly after this picture was taken all three of these pups dove headfirst into the snow and came out even MORE ADORABLE.
This adorable snowball is on the hunt for some adventure! We'll sure he'll find some if he keeps going straight. Oh, wait, no turn around! Ahh! Go left!
This husky baby is not only basking in his own glory, but he's allowing us to bask with him. Thank you, adorable puppy. Thank you.
"Just because I'm not as young as these other guys doesn't mean I can't be silly and cute!" - this derpy dog
Playtime is almost over, and this little baby has no desire to go back indoors.
When it boils down to it, playdates in the snow are fun, but playdates in the snow with your best puppy buddies is the BEST.
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These Husky Puppies Playing In The Snow Are Cute Beyond Comprehension

Although we’ve had a less-than-snowy winter so far, these husky puppies are wasting no time taking advantage of the winter wonderland they’ve been graced with. Please sit back, relax, and bask in the glory of these photos.

H/t iHeartDogs, Featured Image via Facebook/Fox Grom