mazie and moo snuggling
Mazie and Moo are, how you say... unconventional. They're slashing stereotypes about dog-and-cat friendships, destroying expectations, and spend a great deal of time being unfairly adorable. They're also unconditionally, irrevocably in love.
This is Mazie. She's a Border Collie/Labrador mix (affectionately called a Borador), and shares her home with a member of our very own Bark & Co. fam, Marie Estep.
Source: c/o Marie Estep
And here is Mazie's best friend, a 5-year-old tuxedo cat whom Marie rescued as a stray. Moo had never much interacted with dogs. Luckily, Mazie was more than happy to take the introduction slow, not wanting to scare him off.
Mazie came from Ohio rescue SPOT as a wee 3-month old, shy but ridiculously sweet. At their first meeting, poor Moo wasn't quite sure about the new addition, but, like most people and animals Mazie meets, he fell pretty hard.
Marie tells us, "[Mazie] was immediately submissive to the kitty and wanting his affection, crawling with her head down toward him all the time, trying to get close. She tried so hard to give him licks and at first he resisted and ran away, but when he realized she wasn't a threat, he let her lick him. He soon trusted her and accepted her."
Moo took their friendship at his own pace, using a gentle paw to bat Mazie if she ever got too nosy.
But Mazie is curious and insistent, and continued to try to win over her companion.
They spent their days doing activities they both enjoyed, like watching birds from the window--both "tails wagging," according to Marie.
The pair also enjoy a good game of tag on occasion, initiated by Moo, who jumps on the furniture, delivers a swift bat with his paw, and runs for the hills with Mazie on his trail. Totally playing hard-to-get.
Even Mazie is learning a few "cat-isms," like batting other dogs with her paws just like Moo does to her.
Truth be told, these two are pretty much inseparable.
It's frustrating how cute they are. Like a couple in love on the street, it's hard to look away.
Even their Netflix queues are identical, for Pete's sake.
"They both follow me everywhere around the house together, all the time," says Marie. "When I'm sick, they lay on either side of me for the entire time, even if I'm sick for a couple of days. They can sense my mood and seem to work together to be my little furry sidekicks." Now this is a relationship we can support. To the happy couple!
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