15 Burrito Blanket Dogs With Extra Snuggle Sauce

15 Burrito Blanket Dogs With Extra Snuggle Sauce

Let’s be serious for a second. There’s nothing more satisfying than spending an entire winter’s day in the comforting warmth of a blanket burrito whilst binge-watching bad TV. It’s like a hug you give yourself. A panacea for the soul, if you will.

That’s why dogs are expert burrito snugglers. Here are 15 dogs who know what’s up.

1. This pup went for the extra guac. #BallerStatus

2. When the meat to tortilla ratio is seriously way off…

3. When Netflix asks if you’re still watching and you want to say yes but you can’t move your arms without ruining your perfect burrito that took you forever to figure out because you have no opposable thumbs and WHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR.

4. No one likes sloppy burrito wrapping. No one.

5. ♪ ♩”Fureeeever young, I want to be, furever young.” ♬ ♪

6. The Shiburrito is everything a burrito should be: Irresistibly warm and wrapped carefully.

via Imgur

via Imgur

7. “I thought you were going to give me a burrito, not roll me up like one…”

8. “The trick to keeping your New Year’s resolution is to set a realistic goal. Mine was to rewatch all of the episodes of Gilmore Girls available online.”

9. “The irony is not lost on me, but I can’t even be mad because I’m a burrito.”


via babble

via babble

10. More like a taquito than a burrito, but we’ll allow it.

11. When you want to be a burrito so badly but no one’s around to tuck you in so you end up looking like a squirmy quesadilla instead. Being single is ruff.

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12. Sometimes you’re so in love with your burrito that you squeeze from the bottom and all the filling spills out on top and then the bottom comes undone and you hate yourself but you try to keep it together because no one cries over a burrito.

13. If you can still even, allow us to change that. Because it is physically impawssible to even right now.

14. Friends don’t let friends wrap burritos by themselves. Therefore, cats are not our friends. #logic

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15. You know you have the perfect burrito when it can stand up on its own.

Featured derpburrito image via Today Outlook