11 Times Charlie the Beagle Proved He’s the Best Babysitter a lil Sis Could Ask For

11 Times Charlie the Beagle Proved He’s the Best Babysitter a lil Sis Could Ask For

There are dogs who love kids. And then there are those doges that are so pawsome they could teach Mary Poppins a thing or two (spoonful of sugar, did no one teach that woman about diabetes???).

The pup that takes home the Best Babysitter Award this year is, paws down, Charlie the Beagle. You may have seen him rocking YouTube with his Pup-Nanny ways. Daniel Drzewiecki and Julija Kolpakowa (the pup-and-baby parents) even told that he’s an invaluable help around the house. Drzewiecki actually trained Charlie to be a awesome au pair in order to encourage doge-baby bonding.

Here are 11 times Charlie the Beagle showed he could do this nanny thing with one paw tied behind his back.

1. When he literally created a ball party in his hooman sister’s crib just cuz.

Nanny Dog

2. When he rocked the cradle better than any ole mockingbird.

dog nanny

3. When he said, “I can handlez da poop” and helped CHANGE A DIAPER

4. When he took a blanket to check it for monsters.

dog nanny

5. Then gave it back.

dog nanny

6. With kisses.

dog nanny

7. When he prepped for the pre-school years by practicing patty cake.

dog nanny

8. When he made sure his lil sis didn’t catch a chill.


9. And then brought over her favorite doll just cuz he ruvs her.

nanny dog

10. When he took an annoying toy away. (STOP THE MADNESS!!!)

nanny dog

11. Then felt bad so overcompensated.

12. And finally, when he met his hooman pawtner in crime for the first time and it was ruv at first site 🙂

For more on Charlie and his hooman sibling, check out their YouTube Channel!

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