Newfie Puppy Reunites With Brother Thanks To The Marvels Of Modern Technology

Thank Dog for modern technology! Not only has it redefined communication, education, and life as we know it, but it also allows two Newfoundland brothers to stay in touch after they were adopted into separate homes. It’s a miracle!

Back in my day, puppies had to stay in touch with their litter-mates by sending paw-written letters. Postal workers often mistook a dog’s eagerness to hand off their letters as aggression, which is how the dog versus mailman myth began.

“Dammit! Always just bills!” mail

Luckily, Newfie brothers and puppy millennials, Samson and Boomer won’t have to know the frustrations of snail mail. Watch Samson’s owner play him a video that Boomer’s owner uploaded to Facebook, and see how these brothers from other (human) mothers stay in touch!

H/t and Featured image via Rumble