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"UGHH ANOTHER PIDGEY?!? These guys are everywhere..."
Angela wanted to join in on her kids playing Pokemon Go, so she made this picture on Facebook. At least she's trying.
"I found this guy downstairs and all he can say is 'Paras'? Something is clearly wrong with his bark."
Being the narcissist that he was, Alfie was only interested in playing when he caught Pokemon who looked like him.
"I wanna pee the very best/ Like no dog ever could..."
"So only YOU can catch it, and I CAN'T? This seems wrong..."
Archie heard that taking naps in between adventures is a crucial strategy for capturing Pokemon. We don't have the heart to wake him.
Even BarkBox's Chief Puppy Accountant, Monty, is obsessed with catching 'em all!
"I brought you this Rattata because I LOVE YOU!"
"I don't care how rare you are, either you stop using me as a skateboard, or I trade you over to Professor Willow."
"I am genuinely insulted that you think a Weedle is my spirit Pokemon."
This Frenchie really wants Doduo to gtfo out of his house.
"Are you SURE you don't hear something? I could have sworn that I did..."
Wait a minute ... this is not a dog!!
It was then that Max realized he only had one Pokeball left.
"I don't know what I found but it's fluffy, so that must mean it's good."
"You better document this, human. This is the only exception I'm making to my no cat rule."
Thinking on his paws, Nugget decided that the fastest way to hatch his eggs was to just play catch. A lot.
A Pokemon purist and a child of the late nineties, Borris still remembers the days of Pokemon cards. Maybe someday he'll get a smartphone? Happy Hunting!
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20 Dogs Totally Obsessed With Pokemon Go Because They Gotta Fetch ‘Em All

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the newest free-to-play iOS/Android sensation that is Pokemon Go. Fueled by late-nineties nostalgia and the burning desire to “catch ’em all,” people have been getting up from their couches and outside to explore the real world in search of Pokemon.

The hunt for rare types and the love of the Pokemon franchise has gotten so huge, that even doggos have joined in on the chase! These guys are pretty sure they’ve got this “capturing Pokemon” business down, and have shared these pictures as their form of bragging.

Also, they wanted to know if they can come over to your place. One of them is pretty sure you’ve got a Squirtle in your backyard.