Dog Hates New Haircut, Refuses To Accept Fate Lying Down

Dog Hates New Haircut, Refuses To Accept Fate Lying Down

Bad haircuts… we’ve all been there.

Apparently there’s even a Japanese word for it: Age-otori, to look worse after a haircut. It seems Jin Dan the Pomeranian got his first haircut and had a pretty devastating case of rage-otori (yuk yuk yuk).

Before the haircut:
jindan before

After the haircut:

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 1.35.34 PM

Apparently, Jin Dan hated his hair cut SO MUCH that he walked on his hind legs for two days and refused to come down!

Good thing Pomeranians are small.

His owner was obviously concerned for the pup, so she threw some clothes on Jin Dan thinking maybe his new ‘do made him feel a little… ahem, exposed.


Alas, the clothes could neither contain Jin Dan’s fluff, nor his rage!

Jin Dan’s owner finally consulted a vet (not an exorcist) who said the pup likely suffered “psychological trauma” from his makeover. The vet suggested some old-fashioned TLC, QT, and R&R. Soon, Jin Dan was back to his peaceful, four-legged ways.

Some people wonder if the whole hilarious story is a hoax executed via treat bribery. Either way, we think Jin Dan is pretty dang cute, before and after his haircut. But maybe next time, leave the grooming to the pawfessionals.

…or else.
H/t Gawker, Featured Image via Rocket News