big dog in a pot
For the garden-challenged, potted pups take all the work out of the equation.

        You see, they plant themselves. And they grow from soft puppy seedlings into wonderful doggie foliage. Perfect for any porch, room, or garden--and they seem to be in great supply this season! Enjoy this collection of springtime puppy plants sure to brighten your day.
Some species come in like fluffy little dandelions. Don't be fooled. They are not weeds.
It is important to make sure your plant is kept out of direct sunlight before it begins to bloom.
This one is a lovely accent piece for the foyer. And it will sound an alarm for any guests at the door.
Plant food given at the start of the spring equinox will speed blooming. Make sure your pot is the appropriate size.
This individual forgot the plant food.
Do not worry--your dog plant will begin to grow ears soon after the start of the season.
It is also possible your puppy will give side-eye to all the plants around it, effectively killing them.
Observe: this one is still dormant from winter.
Like most plants, your potted puppy may turn in the direction of the sunlight.
Others will let the sunlight come to them.
Do not be surprised if your puppy blooms around an existing plant--they flourish in shade.
If you find that it gives you dirty looks, please administer water or treats. *Ahem* plant food.
While some species love the company of flowers, others will overpower them instantly.
Source: IceRoad/Reddit
If you pull your mandrake from the soil and it does not scream, it may be angry with you.
Remember what I said about direct sunlight. Be careful your puppy does not melt.
Wait... this guy's not doing it right.
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