9 Times Your Dog Was The Reason You Missed That Deadline

9 Times Your Dog Was The Reason You Missed That Deadline

Be real. You know you got more well…THINGS done before you had dog. Sure, they make you get up to take them out when they need to do their business, but other than that, well c’mon. These fuzzbutts are just procrastination in its purest, furriest, enabling form.

Here are the 9 ultimate ways your dog makes you (really, they hold you down with their paw!) procrastinate.

1. Spreading the Coach Potato Syndrome.

steel city bride

Really, if you move, it’s just mean to disturb the puppy’s comfort. Like, bordering on animal cruelty, for real.

2. Not going out to holiday parties.

Especially when your dog provides entertainment from BUFFERING.

3. Not exercising.


Well I mean if the DOG doesn’t wanna run, why should you?

4. Not getting work done.

dog comp

To be fair, maybe the pup just prefers Apple products.

5. Falling into the Internet blackhole of doges.

harlowandsage Instagram

6. Not decorating for the holidays.

Jeez, I mean when they do it for you, what’s the point?

7. Endless picture taking.

number 7


8. Snuggling.

number 8 snuggle

Sorry world, it’s just not possible to do anything else when presented with adorable. Not. Possible.

9. The biggest weapon of all: PUPPY EYES.

puppy eyes 9

Cannot handle the guilt. Must cease doing anything. And. Pet.

Featured image via Daily Health Post