15 Opinionated Puppies Who Have Dreams Of A Brighter Future

15 Opinionated Puppies Who Have Dreams Of A Brighter Future

We all have our opinions about what we want in a new president during this 2016 election.  Turns out, we aren’t the only ones. Here are what these floofy dogs want in a new president.

1. Tax rates that will let me keep more of the treats I earn.


“Mmmmi mrike mmthe mmmsoundmmpf mmmof mmthatmpf!”

2. Free obedience school tuition.

dog graduate

“I have a Master’s in Rolling Over”

3. Protect our nation’s natural beauty by making it a dog park.


“I haven’t stopped running for—I don’t know how time works, but I have been running so much!”

4. Hair that’s better than theirs. 

trump dog

“Hmmmmm…we could do better.”

5. A chicken in every bowl.

chicken bowl

“Dog Bless America!”

6. Mailman-free zones.


“We just want a day where we don’t get so nervous from a mailman visit that we piddle on the floor.”

7. More fire hydrants per city block.

dog hydrant love

“Trees are fine but peeing on a hydrant is LUXURY.”

8. End discrimination in restaurant seating!

dog sidewalk

“That food is so close, but so far away.  Why bring me to the meal if I can’t lick the plate?”

9. Reform flea immigration.


“I’m fine with fleas on my body, I just don’t want them taking my blood.”

10. Make all cats indoor cats!

dog in window

“Show me your weak, your tired, and your weary, but not your cats. If I can’t go outside when humans aren’t home, NO ONE can go outside!”

11. Universal belly rubs


“The land of the free…belly rubs.”

11. Pup-lic healthcare.

Pomeranian grooming

“And no grooming deductible.”

12. Fixing our bridges and roads.


“How else am I gonna shred, man?”

13. Increase the minimum wage

dog money

“Show me the money!”

14. Ending partisan gridlock.

cat and dog

“Can’t we all just get along?”

Featured image via @sipkobear