1. “Yawwwwwn. Being cute is exhausting.”
Source: Puppy Cuteness
2. Rough day at the office.
3. On the threshold of sleep.
Source: Soda Head
4. “I’m so tired from burrowing in my molehill all day. Jk, I’m a puppy.”
5. “I’m just going to close my brow for a minute.”
6. After a long day chasing her tail.
7. He always sleeps with one ear left open.
8. “Ugh, so tired. I’ll just lay down and eat.”
9. “The quality of my rest is in your hands.”
10. Puggered out.
11. After a long day in Santa’s workshop.
12. Sleepy head; sleepy butt.
13. Time for a relaxing bath.
Source: Fan Pop
14. Sleep train!
15. Spoons.
Source: Fan Pop
16. Totally wiped after flag football.
Source: Rebelle Fitness
17. “I’m just going to lie down for a sec on this deck.”
18. “I’m just going to close my eyes for two secon…”
19. Basket naps–one of life’s smallest, woven pleasures.
20. “This towel makes a great pillow. It also looks like my face.”
21. Last pup standing.
Source: 8 Tracks
22. He can’t fall asleep without it.
23. Too tired to eat.
24. Miniature lawn chair; massive nap.
25. Man, that run was RUFF.
26. Down. And. Out.
27. “This is my sleeping hat.”
28. Peek-a-butt.
29. Giving new meaning to the phrase “take a lap,” one nap at a time.
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