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Oh, puppies! They're adorable, curious, and great cuddlers. They're also master hypnotists with their soul gazing stares and love-filled eyes. In this round-up of 15 pups, prepare to be mystified.
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1. "Hi human. If I look at you long enough, I'll get a treat."
2. "With these eyes, you'll do anything for me."
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3. "We're not going back to the vet, right?"
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4. "I'm a master hypnotizer. For my next trick, you'll be enticed into giving me a second dinner."
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5. "I don't need the power of pawsitive affirmations. I know you'll give me what I want."
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6. "You just can't resist me."
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7. With this face and these soulful eyes, we're sure this pup was scooped up by a forever owner in a flash!
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8. "How about just one more round of fetch?"
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9. "Will you teach me how to howl? Ar-roo?"
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10. "Will you take me home?" P.S. This pup actually did get adopted the day of this photo!
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11. "I know you're busy, but can I have just one belly scratch?"
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12. "Do I have to get brushed now? Please, no."
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13. "Mae West taught me how to make bedroom eyes."
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14. "You said I'm cuter than Lady and the Tramp. What's a tramp?"
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15. "You don't need to cut the grass. I'll just chew it for you."
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