17 Puppies In PJs That Will Make You Squeal With Delight

17 Puppies In PJs That Will Make You Squeal With Delight

Remember those sleep-overs you had as a kid? You’d invite your best buds, get in PJs, eat mass quantities of candy, and, if you were lucky, watch a scary movie. These pups have the same basic idea, but added a whole lotta cute into the mix! Someone get me a puppy to hug- stat!

1. “Stay calm… but does anyone know where my paws went?” #ICantFindEm

2. “My big brother’s got my back 24/7.” #Literally

3. “I hope my hair looks this pawesome *after* my nap.”

4. “I’m going on my first sleep over, and I’m not gonna lie: I’m a little nervous.”

5. “I don’t think I actually need more ears, but whatever.” #ItsCool

6. “I think I found my color.” #PinkAllTheWay

7. “Should I pee with the PJs on or off?”

8. “I’m not a monkey- you realize that, right?”

9. “The sheep are still behind me, aren’t they?!” #MakeEmGoAway!

10. “Is the popcorn ready yet? Or should I pause the movie?” #AnyTimeNow

11. “We’re dreaming about how cute we are 🙂 “

12. “I’m ready to watch Where the Wild Things Are, Mommy!”

13. “Is it bath time? Usually the ducks come out when it’s bathtime.”

14. No! You can’t zip the PJs! How will I get belly rubs?!”#CruelAndUnusual

15. “She’s my Mini-Me. Don’t mess with her, or you’ll have to answer to me.”

16. “Can you pass me the iPhone? I wanna take a selfie.”


Featured image via @dogsbeingbasic Instagram