Puppy Falls In Love With Shelter Kitten And Refuses To Go Home Without Him

Puppy Falls In Love With Shelter Kitten And Refuses To Go Home Without Him

Raven, a beautifully mischievous Tamaskan puppy, went home from the shelter with her human Christina in July 2015. She didn’t know it yet, but she was destined to be a cat lover.

It happens to the best of us. Just kidding—cats are pretty great, most of the time. Especially when they zero in on their inner dog. At three months old (just a month after being adopted), Raven accompanied Christina to their local animal shelter in Lubbock, Texas to pick out a kitten.

Raven met four, but only one fuzzball made a lasting impression. This is Woodhouse at eight-to-ten weeks old.

These two are really not all that different. They share a water bowl…

They struggle to fit in the same spot (the best spot) on the couch.

And one can always be found where the other is hiding.

In other words, they defy the natural laws of animal friendship around every corner. And not much has changed as they grew into larger, yet still adorable, adults.

Really, it’s almost disgusting how cute they are. Stop it.


Over a year later with one birthday down and many more to go, this pair is not about to go their separate ways. In fact, they’re not even about to go to separate beds.

The only thing we can count on from Raven and Woodhouse is endless cute. Prepare to lose your voice from awwww-ing so much, and follow their adventures on Instagram at @Raven_And_Woodhouse.

featured image via @Raven_And_Woodhouse/Instagram