bulldog pup
Tiny Basset cankles? Stop talking, I need to enjoy this.
You, sir, are one handsome devil. With twice the surface area of a normal canine.
ASDFGHJL!! Just look--look at that little snoot!
The best time to wear a striped sweater... is all the time.
Oh lawdy please stop me from kissing all those wrinkles.
Are you serious? Is this real?
Bonus points for the cinnamon roll overflow of Shar Pei septuplets.
Puppies with too much skin = wrinkles for days.
Honorary mention: the highly squishable lip folds, which are also extra kissable.
A little pack of Pittie folds is exactly what I wanted.
You think you missed out on the folds until you check out those stubby little ankles.
Don't you just hate it when gravity ages you 10 years?
Can't see his face? We're not even mad.
When the wrinkles are so heavy they take your face with them.
The smush is real.
When you have an existential crisis cause you think humans only like you for your folds.
Don't be sad, friend. There are plenty more where these came from!
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19 Luscious Puppy Wrinkles Just Begging To Be Squished

Yes, we are using “Wrinkles” as a noun here, and these are certainly the finest around. Puppy folds come second only to puppy breath (or maybe they come first…) All we know is there is little in this world more irresistible than the squishability of extra puppy skin, and this is your destination to satisfy that craving.

featured image via Imgur