Meet The Baby Bulldog Bunch, A Wiggly, Lumpy Orgy Of Magnificent Folds

Meet The Baby Bulldog Bunch, A Wiggly, Lumpy Orgy Of Magnificent Folds

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Originally started as a simple Instagram account to show off the new puppies, @Baby_Bulldog_Bunch has grown into an epic (and adorable) narrative following the lives of four baby bulldogs (and one proud mama). And yes, they all kind of remind us of another particular “bunch.”


“As they grew, we had so much fun with the babies that we wanted to share everything,” says owner, Debbie Farver. “They were giving us so much joy that we wanted to share the fun. We knew that they could brighten up the day, and hoped that they would give someone a smile or two.”


Under the watchful eye of their mother, Boo, the pups Ty, Wrinkles, Brodie, and Baloo, love to do fun photo shoots! Farver explains that each pup is unique in their own certain ways, for example, Wrinkles has one brown eye and one blue eye. “We are not sure where that came from,” says Farver, “but we love it!”


“Ty looks just like his daddy,” Farver says, “white with a brindle spot near his tail. He is a big baby… the only one to cry during shots and needed to be comforted the whole way home. He is playful but needs a little encouragement.”


As for Baloo, whose features look like they come more from a panda than a Bulldog (or maybe a fighter with a black eye), she’s the “goofy and unique” one of the group. “She prances and jumps when she runs,” says Farver, “and keeps us laughing.”

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And that leaves “big boss “Brodie. “He is very playful and wins every wrestling match,” says Farver. “He does not stay still for long, and loves toys.”


For more pictures of the pups, follow them on their Instagram account @baby_bulldog_bunch! Trust us, this is a journey you will want to watch and be a part of.