Meet Reagan. He's an Australian Labradoodle--one part cute, one part floof, and one part irresistible teddy bear paws.
From puppyhood, Reagan and his human have been together like Kongs and peanut butter.
He grew up fast, but despite his size, he's never lost his taste for midday naps and teddy bear snuggles.
His desire to be the baby sometimes goes a little too far on the cuteness scale, and we don't mind.
No one makes fun of him. In fact, his little human often joins in.
The two enjoy the sunsets in their matching outfits...
... even when it gets a little cold outside.
And at snack times, Reagan knows there's always something in it for him. Even if it lands on the floor.
When all else fails, he just gets a little creative.
It never takes long until his little buddy starts to miss him...
But hey, there's always time for games.
All in all, these two are inseparable, and that's a bond that's hard to break.
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Reagan Doodle And His Little Buddy Share A Bond We All Want With Our Dog

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