Shetland Sheepdog Teaching A Class On “Rolling Over” Shows Off His Brightest Student

We learn many of our important skills in life from our parents, but there are some that just can’t be taught by fellow humans. Take rolling over, for example. If one wishes to learn this technique, the most logical place to seek tutelage would be from those who have mastered the craft. For the baby in this video, she did the smart thing and went straight to her dog to see if she could get it just right.

Link, the Shetland service dog, makes quite the teacher to the young pupil. Only needing to give a single example, the baby quickly catches on and performs a perfect roll over. Pretty soon we bet the baby will be ready to stand on her own two feet, but we have a feeling Link won’t be the best teacher for that.

Hopefully Link will ask forĀ a raise when he gets his new pupil. He clearly is quite the master of rolling over!

h/t Rumble