15 Shibas From Instagram You Have To Meet

15 Shibas From Instagram You Have To Meet

Shibas are the best dogs. They’re loyal, they’re smart, and just plain beautiful, the perfect dog for a fall day or a winter night. But that’s just one man’s opinion. Maybe these 15 Shibe-stagrams can persuade you. From Shibas who are already Internet-famous to some who deserve to be, these pups come from around the world (but mostly Japan and the US) and in all sizes and colors.

1. Rin and Nana (@hanarin54) are two Shibas straight of a holiday card and these snowy Shibes definitely have the holiday spirit.


A video posted by Hana (@hanarin54) on

2. Ren (@mucchi_s) is a black Shiba from Japan who loves gardening and making friends with smaller animals.

3. Roger (@shiba.roger) the red Shiba lives in San Diego, but judging from his many adventures he’d love to see the world.

4. Maximus and Orlo (@shiba_max) are brothers living together in LA. Orlo is our first sesame colored Shiba.

Start the Christmas music! 🐺❄ #howthemaxstolechristmas

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5. Torajiro (@shiba_torajiro) was born just eight months ago, but according to his owner he is also looking for a mate!

Chai and Colon (@chaicolonmam) love going to Starbucks, but no word on what their favorite drinks are.

7. Nana from Norway (@nanataru) makes great use of Norway’s quiet, beautiful forests, looking like the queen of the woods.

Happy saturday! 💕 It’s so windy and it’s raining a lot outside today, but all I want is snow! ❄

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8. Koharu’s shibas ( are two playful black Shiba siblings who love wrestling with each other as much as admiring Osaka’s glimmering skyline.

#shiba #shibainu #dog #cute #adorable #犬 #柴犬 #黒柴

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Rai and her greyhound friend Sora (@soralarai) are acting pups, speedily chasing after one another in perhaps the most action-packed ‘gram on this list.

10. Berry (@shibainu.berry) is a chubby little Shiba who always looks right at home among the changing colors of fall leaves.

11. Mikho (@shiba_mikho) is a very special Shiba, because he was born with partial paralysis. This ‘gram documents his therapy but also the ways Mikho always stays positive about life.

12. Toast and his Aussie friend Beau (@shiba.toast_aussie.beau) are still puppies, but already seem to know they’ll be lifelong friends.

13. Comugi and Tsukushi (@mugi_tsuku) are minor celebrities in their hometown of Kyoto, and it’s easy to see why! With so many Shiba friends, these sisters always seem to be having a blast.

* 秋晴れ(´▽`*) 気持ちいい! * The clear skies a crisp autumn day today! *

A photo posted by 柴犬こむぎ&つくし (@mugi_tsuku) on

14. Rem from Russia and his cat friend (@wuwdzembi) are a great example of the way some Shibas simply prefer the company of the other side of the aisle. Rem is new to Instagram, so you saw her here first!

15. Aiko, Kota, and Haku (@shibabears) are three Shibas of different colors living in San Fran. This is adorable sesame Aiko as a puppy.

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