12 Super Hero Dogs Who Make Saving The Planet Look Darn Good

12 Super Hero Dogs Who Make Saving The Planet Look Darn Good

Dog lovers and nerds rejoice! The rumor-mill claims that over the next few years the Marvel Movie-verse will introduce the character of Lockjaw, the cosmic Bulldog.


Image via ComicVine

And a super powered dog is all the Marvel Universe is really missing at this point, right? I’m sure the canine community agrees.

In honor of this rumor, let’s meet 13 pups who are totally ready to save the world.

1. “Yeah, Beggin’ Strips are like my kryptonite.” #Guilty

2. “My Spidey-sense tells me you’re hiding treats.”

3. “I may make a great Underdog, but I’m over this costume.”

4. “You wanna see fast? Try making me wear those little red booties.”

5. “For a treat, I’ll transform into a dog that doesn’t chew your undies.”

6. Sadly, Frank thought his new Thor costume meant he really was a god.

7. “Even SuperGirl needs to study.” #StayInSchoolKids #AndGimmeTreats

8. “Has anybody seen my shell? It’s kinda important.” #TMNT

9. Meet The first Captain America who fetches his shield after throwing it.

10. “Holy smokes, BatDog. We’re gonna be in BarkPost!”


Image via FunLinksDaily

11. SuperPooch, Fluffnugget of Steel.


12. It doesn’t hurt that his planet is named “Treat.”