The SCANDAL of the Dog Toy Convention

The SCANDAL of the Dog Toy Convention

Last week, a few of us at Team BarkBox had the chance to go to SuperZoo, which is basically a conference about dog toys. (They exist! How cool, huh?) While the rest of the BarkBox Team was scouting out stuff for future BarkBoxes, we were unaware that one of our own was creating *quite* the scandal.

Danielle was boppin’ around makin’ out with a buncha dogs.

Now, let’s set a few things straight. Danielle’s been known to be a notorious dog smoocher. Here she is at the Best Friends NKLA pup adoption event.
Obviously she hasn’t kicked the habit. The girl really gets around. ; )


Danielle’s never one to pass up a big, hairy, drooly gentleman….

…Or an athletic, svelte, JRT…

…Ladies are cool too…

…And who can really resist a mohawked man in business attire? No one, that’s who.