Source: @yvonsie
I’m really glad you decided to spend the money on the sunroof!
Source: @rebelpup1
Seriously roll down the window.
Source: @luna_tsunami
AHHH turn it up, turn it up this is my jam!
Mom why are we stopping?
Source: @appashihtzu
They see me rollin'. They hatin'.
Source: @crabman141
If only my legs were longer I think I could get my ears out the window.
I’m feeling a bit…cramped.
Source: @irinadsp
I don’t need my head out the window to feel a cool breeze.
Source: @teedisney
I told you traffic was going to be bad.
Bit of spit never hurt anyone!
Source: @winstoneagram
Sunshine? Check. Wind in my fur? Check. Bowtie? Double Check!
Source: @jody_the_ritz
Rain can’t stop me. So refreshing!!
Yes. I know I’m beautiful.
Source: @mojo_honey
I'm not sleeping I'm just resting my eyes.
Practicing our favorite scene from Titanic.
Source: @turkeytemps
I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky!
Source: @lucastt05
Wind in my hair, cruisin' the boardwalk.
Too fast! Too fast!
Source: @lydia.d
Honk honk. Puppy patrol coming through.
Let’s Roll!
Source: @cocoandmarie
Thinking deep relaxing thoughts cruisin the countryside.
Sometime we have to settle for AC.
Source: @kn.alexander
How's my hair?
Source: @thejessycho
I have to do my morning affirmations. I am a beautiful, strong dog.
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25 Thoughts Your Dog Has While Their Head Is Out The Window

Turn up the tunes, roll the windows down, and enjoy, because it is almost summer and there is nothing like having the winding whipping my ears back and forth. I wait all winter for this!

Featured image via @gspandco