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1. "All the other pups are going to be jealous of this guy’s perfect tongue tan."
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2. “My tongue has been designed for maximum treat capacity."
3. True beauty is having a tongue as floppy as your ears.
4. You know a tongue has “made it” when she gets her own book deal.
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5. “He’s sleeping. Now’s my chance to get away!” -This pug’s tongue.
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6. “Ahhhhh, nothing like kicking off your sandals and letting it all hang out.”
7. “Are we going on a trip? Mind if I bring my tongue along?”
8. This tongue just wishes her dog would turn around so she could see the TV.
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9. “Am I doing it? Am I finally licking my nose?”
10. “Hey baby, come here often?”
11. “Beautiful day for a wet kiss, isn’t it?”
12. Whoa, wait, how’d a lion tongue get on this list?
13. Best friends don’t need to hide their tongues from each other.
14. “Jimmy, did you forget to bring your tongue to the party AGAIN?”
15. “I’ll show you my tongue if you show me yours.”
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15 Tongues That Refuse To Stay In Mouths

A dog and their tongue are the best of friends. They eat together, give kisses together, and even get in trouble together. But sometimes a tongue needs a break from the dark wet cavern that is their dog’s mouth. In fact, these 15 tongues can barely control themselves.

Featured image via Teddy The Spazman