20 Times Dogs Wore It Better Than Christmas Trees

20 Times Dogs Wore It Better Than Christmas Trees

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The tree’s up, the wreath’s on the door, and the dogs have got their Christmas swag on.

These 20 dogs are rocking the tinsel and baubles better than your tree ever could. Sorry tree, dogs: 1 – tree: 0.

1. Tinsel is the new fur.

xmastree12Image via Pinterest

2. Ho ho hum.

xmastree16Image via Flickr

3. Work those baubles, baby!

xmastree10Image via Flickr

4. #NailedIt or #FailedIt?

xmastree15Image via Aspiring Service Dog Chronicles

5. The Christmas tree skirt was a great investment honey!

xmastree18Image via Summits and Sails

6. First, decorate the tree. Then, decorate the doxie.

xmastree9Image via Flickr

7. You can place those presents right by my feet and I’ll have them all unwrapped for you by Christmas eve. You’re welcome.

xmastree13Image via Posh Pooch Designs

8. So let me get this straight. Cousin Bodhi gets to dress in designer swag…and I…get to wear last year’s Christmas decorations?

xmastree17Image via Wild Trumpet Vine

9. Jingle your own bells. Pthhh!

xmastree20Image via Flickr

10. Got it at the Jimmy Chew sample sale.

xmastree21Image via Flickr

11. That Christmas tree skirt you spent all morning carefully ironing? It’s my new poncho #sorrynotsorry

xmastree11Image via Turtles and Tails

12. We won’t get a tree this year, they said. We’ll just light up the dog, they said.

xmastree1Image via This Is Corey

13. Will wear tinsel for sausages.

xmastree5Image via Flickr

14. I found your Christmas tree angel! Iz me!

xmastree6Image via Dog Wallpapers

15. Got my Christmas bling on!

xmastree7Image via Instagram

16. Mkay so I took the lights off your tree and ate Santa’s cookies. Woz the pawblem?

xmastree8Image via Flickr

17. Rockin’ around the Christmas tree, and uh, you can work out the rest.

xmastree4Image via Flickr

18. Kris Kringle is my homeboy.


Image via Etsy     

19. Feline! Why must you always cramp my style!

xmastree14Image via Ali Express

 20. Counting down to Boxing Day and pay back time.

xmastree19Image via Desk7

Main image via Etsy