A Blog’s Best Friend: The Best British Blog Dogs On the Internet

A Blog’s Best Friend: The Best British Blog Dogs On the Internet

Here at BarkPost we love both dogs and blogs, so we wanted to take a minute to give you a rundown on the greatest dog-blogger duos on the web. So without further ado, here’s a list of some of our favourite UK bloggers and PAWdorable pups.


1. The Londoner – Custard


London based blogger Rosie has the best go-to blog for everything the city has to offer, though overall this lady is a bit of a globetrotter and a pretty epic chef so there is always a little something for everyone. Her super cute companion and mascot, Custard, definitely brings an “awww” factor to her images. He is a “Morkie” or a Maltese cross Yorkie, and yes that is as adorable as it sounds! This pup even puts paw to paper on his mummy’s blog from time to time. They are often spotted sharing a pork bun at Pitt Cue.


2. Beautycrush – Captain Riley


Sammi is a Fashion styling graduate who is both a passionate blogger and YouTuber, probably most well known for her stunning video makeup tutorials. Her pup, Captain Riley, is a French Bulldog and a fairly new addition to the family at just a year old. Apparently he is partial to the odd sock and loves to chase seagulls. You can see more of this super popular pooch on instagram, where he is following in his mums footsteps racking up over 20,000 followers so far.


3. At Fashion Forte – Noodle


The über stylish Rosie Fortescue shot to stardom on the BAFTA award winning TV show Made In Chelsea and now writes a successful fashion blog. She is rarely seen without her Miniature Dachshund, Noodle, who could steal the show at any high end event. This pampered pooch even gets to jet off on holiday with Rosie from time to time. They are often found hanging out together at Bluebird on the Kings Road.


4. Hello October – Nala


Suzie, better know as Hello October, is an avid blogger but it is her beautifully produced videos that shoot her to the top of our list. Her puppy Nala, a cross between a Chihuahua and a Pomeranian, joined the family in July and by the looks of it they are having a blast! Named after Nala from the Lion King she seems to be living up to her playful namesake. She can often be found hanging out with her mummy causing mischief at the office.


5. Milk Bubble Tea – Oscar


Becky is from the North of England and writes the insanely popular blog Milk Bubble Tea. Her partner in crime is a Miniature Dachshund named Oscar who recently turn one! (Happy birthday Oscar.) In her own words her little sausage has turned her in to one of those crazy dog mums, forever instagram-ing pictures of him and colour co-ordinating his toys, but it is clear from the many Oscar appearances on her blog that Becky is completely in love with her little man. Their favourite place to spend time together is the local park.

Bonus… Check out this video of baby Oscar.


6. Milkteef – Beigel


Emma is a full time blogger and has been running her blog Milkteef for over 3 years, she writes about everything beauty and lifestyle. Her dog, Beigel, a Yorkshire Terrier Chihuahua cross, is the love of her life. He makes plenty of appearances on her Instagram account and always steals the show! They are often found hanging out at the beach where he can do his favourite thing… roll in the sand.


7. Dolly Bow Bow – Miley


Katie AKA Dolly bow bow is big on Youtube her videos are beautiful and her personality is bubbly and energetic, making each post a pleasure to watch. Katie’s dog Miley is a Bichon Frise – the perfect breed for Katie, as she is allergic to most dog breeds. Miley loves getting in to mischief and her favourite treats are Dentastix. The pair can be found chilling out with Kaite’s new baby, Archie.


8. The Very Simon G – Dhillon


Simon Glazin loves everything fashion and has been on the blog scene for over 6 years; he even won Cosmopolitan magazine’s Male Blogger Of The Year Award 2011/12. His second love is his Dachshund Dhillon who accompanies Simon on many of his adventures. Dhillon AKA Dhilly has been to many a fashion show and press day making him one of the most fashion savvy dog out their. Oh and of course he has appeared in photo shoots for doggy fashion brands. They can be spotted in dog friendly cafes around London’s Primrose Hill and we have insider information they will be trying out Scooby’s Boutique coffee bar pretty soon.


 9. Fleur DeForce – Piglet, Treacle, Squidge


Fleur is one of the most successful beauty and fashion vloggers in the UK – she currently attract 4-5 million views per month. Her videos and vlogs are down to earth, easy to watch, and she has such an endearing personality. She’s got a 3 dogs family: Squidge (Fleur’s dog) and Treacle (her boyfriend Mike’s dog), who are both Springer Spaniels, and Piglet, a incredibly cute Long Haired Miniature Dachshund and a newer addition to the family. All three of them get on like a house on fire and love their life in the country! Fleur has even set up an Instagam account for all of her furry friends aptly named Fur De Force.

Their blogs may cover a wide range of topics, each with an individual style but these British beauties all have one thing in common… An unconditional love for their pooches!