14 Boxing Day Dogs Who Can’t Get Enough of Boxes

14 Boxing Day Dogs Who Can’t Get Enough of Boxes

In the past, Boxing Day was the day where servants and tradespeople would receive gifts, known as a “Christmas box,” from their bosses or employers because they would have usually worked on Christmas Day. As the years have gone by, this past time has slowly turned in to an extension of the Christmas holiday – it’s now a day of eating leftovers, visiting family, playing with Christmas gifts, and of course getting rid of all of those boxes and paper.

These pups are excited to keep the holiday spirit going, and we appreciate their enthusiasm, but… well…

1. “I know.. this one can stay right here!”

dog_in_boxImage via Tumblr

2. “Sure, after this short nap I’ll get right to the clean up.”

tumblr_muy07a97bG1stlkgho1_1280Image via Tumblr

3. “I totally helped right?”

dog_box_rippedImage via Ellen

4. “I ate all this cereal so you can have this box!”

box_dog_smallImage via Imgur

5. “Where are you sending me?”

Image via cute animals

6. “Very curious lid this one has, very curious.”

Box_dog_glassesImage via attach of the cute

7. “Mum! Mum! Mum! Don’t I look smart?”

558793_10153091428925088_747721642_n-700x525Image via Facebook

8. “This doesn’t taste as good as the turkey did yesterday.”

dog_in_a_boxImage via deviant art

9. Boxing Day becomes a lesson on why not to eat too much Christmas candy.

box_shameImage Via dogshaming

10. “Errmmm…. this is not my BarkBox!”

box!Image via goodfon

11. “…But I don’t want Christmas to be over”

dog-in-boxImage via house plans

12. “This box is full, what’s next?”

kvDMv5TImage via Imgur

13. “I had to make some adjustments but now it fits!”

A9ALU Image via Imgur

14. “I’m not helping!”

husky_in_boxImage via Earth porm


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