11 Dogs Who Have Booted up for Winter!

11 Dogs Who Have Booted up for Winter!

We all know finding that perfect pair of boots for the winter can be a bit of a hassle; traipsing up and down the high street, digging through the dark corners of the internet before eventually giving in and reluctantly wearing last year’s old faithfuls. Well, these pups seem to have us all beat! Check out their paws, adorned with the most stylish (OK, some not so stylish) winter footwear!

1. “I’m ready for my walk Hooman.”

Image Via Blogspot

2. ” I feel FABULOUS!!”


Image via Walkaboutharnesses

3. “My mum’s boots totally look better on me!”

ecea49f00d6221242e10a6c05bd8c216Image via Maddie On Things

4. “Is this meant to be funny?”

dog-with-doggie-shoesImage via Funny pics

5. “Haaayyy, where’s the snow? I’m ready!”


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6. “I think I need a smaller size!”


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7. “Who’s ready to hit the ice?”


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8. “My mum made me wear this… but it’s kind of cute, dontcha think?” chihauhua_in_boots-1

Image via She Knows

9. “Darling, your boots always have to match your coat, that’s just good fashion.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 14.57.32

Image via Dog Clothes

10 “New shoes are always to tight.”


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10. “What do you mean it’s not cold enough for boots?”

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 15.16.48

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But then there’s this guy, who just wants to feel the snow underfoot!


Image via Dog Shaming