“Mum can I keep him?”
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“Surprise hug!!!”
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“Hey, grumps! A pug hug will make it all better.”
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“Erm, this’d work a whole lot better if you’d meet me halfway.”
"Wait your turn.”
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“Mum? Mum? Mummy?!… Hug please!”
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“Oh sofa… you just get me!”
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“Stop grinning for the camera and just hug me, fool!"
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Snug as a pug in a hug.
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“That horrid cat was nasty and rude, you have every right to be shaken up, Beth.”
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There’s not much that’s better than a pug hug pile.
Source: Ellen
“No, actually, sometimes I’m the little spoon.”
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“Closer, closer, closer… right there! Yes, the perfect hugging distance.”
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“We were just hugging… promise.”
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“I told you I didn’t like scary movies!”
Source: Reddit
Except maybe this.
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16 Pugs That Love To Hug!

Let’s face it: everyone needs a hug now and again, and that doesn’t just apply to us hoomans — our furry friends need to feel the love too, and smoosh-faced pugs are no exception. In fact, they seem to particularly ruv a good snuggle-session.

Evidence, you ask? See above.