14 Soggy Doggies Unexpectedly Caught In Summer Rainstorms

14 Soggy Doggies Unexpectedly Caught In Summer Rainstorms

Wet dogs smell, but they’re also really cute. They’re even cuter when they have no idea what is happening to them or why.

Here are 13 of our favorite soggy doggies!

1. “This walk was fun until the sky started raining wet terror all over me.”

2. “I know I said I wanted to go outside, but then this happened.” #LetMeIn

3. “Mom, why do you look so mad? It’s not my fault water fell from the sky and made these puddles.”

4. “I need you to get on the phone with management and complain about this weather.”

5. “Really weather? Really? I just got my hair done!”

6. “Outdoor showers are way better than indoor baths, mom!”

7. “This sucks. Oh well, at least if I drool on you, I can blame it on the rain.” #ItWasntMe

8. “If you had this car the whole time, why did you wait until after I looked like a drowned rat before you put me in here?”

9. “Mom, I’m scared. Will you please be my umbrella?”

10. “I don’t know how this happened. There was sudden wetness and then there was all of this mud.” #ItsNotMyFault

11. “Why did you let this happen to us?”

12. “Dad, do you not check the weather before we leave the house? This is a lot of rain. How did you not know about this?”

13. “I don’t know what this is, but I want it off of me right now.”

14. #WetHairDontCare