Source: Driver Layer
1. “Hello?… Yes, our tractor is running. Why do you ask?”
2. “My mom and I go the same groomer!”
Source: BoredToDeath
3. Sure they wondered why their new brother and sister looked different than them, but they loved them too much to ask.
Source: Baltic Dog
4. “Could you please just take the picture already?”
Source: BoredToDeath
5. “Oh, so that’s milk in the wine bottle? Eh. I’ll still have some.”
Source: Top Dog Imagery
6. “Marine, I told you to keep your paws off me. These humans were never meant for the Corps.”
Source: Etsy
7. “Good hooman, now lead me to the bone pile behind the butcher shop.” #VintageNoms
Source: Terribly Cute
8. “These ears don’t just fluff on their own.”
Source: Etsy
9. “Follow me, kittens. We’ll find that upstart milkman and get you your milk. Then I have a bone to pick with these newfangled postal carriers.”
10. “98… 99… 100… Aw crap. We’re missing one.”
1. “Get my good side. One day people will share these captured images with their neighbors.” #YeahRight
Source: Vickie Lester
12. “…and then he said my fur made me look fat. It’s a wonder I agreed to go out with him again.”
13. “Excuse us. We’re trying to have a moment here.”
Source: Rover
14. “Smile, girls. Here come those sailor dogs. Ooh, I’d sniff that butt.”
Source: Sobakino
15. “Gentlemen, I believe this game of fetch will play better if you release the stick.” #Indeed
Source: The Dog Files
16. “Haaaay, welcome to camp. The water trough’s over there, right behind the poop hole. Hey, is that one of those camera things?”
Source: BoredToDeath
17. “Whatever they tell you, pup, always remember: The world is your bone. Chew it.”
Source: BoredToDeath
18. “This new tap water invention is miraculous!”
Source: BoredToDeath
19. “You know what, hooman? I think dogs and people will be furiends for a long time.”
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19 Vintage Dog Photos Of The Pre-Filter Age

One hundred years ago, cameras might not have been as good as they are today, and there might not have been an internet, but dogs have been reliably derpy through the ages. And we have the proof.

Meet 19 dogs who have been ready for Instagram since before you were born.