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The loyalty our pups show us is one of the perks that come with dog ownership, but some breeds are especially known for their devotion. Here are 10 of the most loyal dog breeds.
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These family-oriented sheepdogs will stick by you no matter what. If you want a shadow following you everywhere, then the Sheltie is your ideal pup.
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There's a reason German Shepherds are the classic military and police dogs. Protective and highly intelligent, German Shepherds tend to establish loyalty to one person, making them the ultimate sidekick.
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This name is a bit of an umbrella term for breeds that share some characteristics, like American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit Bull Terrier. They can be lovable goofballs with their humans, but their reputation has been marked by negative media coverage and the use of this loyal breed in dogfighting rings.
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Rough Collies are famous for their role as family protector, mostly due to Lassie. This Scottish herding dog is a one-human kind of pup, whose commitment knows no bounds.
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Possibly the one dog breed most people think about when they think of loyalty, the Akita comes from Japan. The well-known story of Hachiko, the Akita who waited for his owner at a train station every day even after the owner's sudden death, is one of dogdom's most incredible examples of faithfulness.
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This Hungarian breed was historically used as a royal guard dog. Highly independent (and therefore hard to train), this dog's name most likely comes from the Turkish word for protector. The breed appears in the film Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco, as the pup Delilah.
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Bred as livestock guardian dogs, these giant fluffballs will fiercely guard their own while being expert cuddlers.
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Mention a St. Bernard to anyone, and they'll probably picture a gigantic dog with a barrel around its neck. This working dog from the Swiss Alps was once used for rescues, but nowadays the barrel is just a symbol of the breed's famous reputation. Sweet and affectionate, it's easy to fall in love with this breed's calm demeanor and droopy face.
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The Lab is the classic family dog, which comes as no surprise to enthusiasts of the breed. Their trainability and affectionate personalities make some Labs great candidates for work as therapy and service dogs.
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Ok, so rescue dogs come in all breeds, but pups who get a second chance at a happy life in a furever home reward their owner with years of snuggles and cuddles. Download our BarkBuddy Chrome extension to see adoptables near you with just a click.
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10 Dog Breeds Who Are Loyal With A Capital L

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