Countdown: The 10 Most Popular Dog Videos of 2014

Countdown: The 10 Most Popular Dog Videos of 2014

There are a lot of dog videos that we come across in one month, let alone a year. But which ones top ’em all? We here at BarkPost took a look at our numbers, crunched some analytics and the result? The top 10 videos featuring furry fuzzbutts that hit the Internet this year. Here they are, counting down to number 1–which surprised even us!

10. Great Dane and Widdle Kitty Share Beautiful Friendship

I will never hear the song “Just the Two of Us” again without thinking of these two. Neither will you.

9. Dachshund Has Most Creative Interpretation of “Bang” Trick Ever

Oh, doxies. What would we do without these imaginative, devious little wieners? Laugh a lot less, that’s for sure.

8. Watch This Boxer’s Reaction Upon Hearing Newborn Sister Cry for First Time

To all those who say dogs don’t have empathy, get ready to be proved wrong furever.

7. Watch the Moment This Puppy Falls in Love With His Baby Sister

There’s just something about babies and puppies that always create a cutesplosion in all hearts…

6. Helpful Kangaroo Gives Rottweiler Pal a Massage

Why do we feel this kangaroo’s inner monologue is similar to ours every time we see a pup walking towards us? “Too…cute…so…fuzzy…MUST PET!!!!”

5. This Adorable Spidey-Dog Hilariously Scares The Crap Out Of These People

Talk about viral: This was the most-watched YouTube vid of the year, with over a 120 million views! And for good reason. If you haven’t seen it, be prepared to laugh at a lot of humans. Not WITH them. AT them.

Note: No doges were harmed in the making of this video. Though some hoomans may have gotten a few early grey hairs.

4. The Budweiser Puppy Is Back and We Were Not Prepared For This Emotional Rollercoaster

Well we weren’t.

Note: We hope included in the plan for a fun night is also getting a neighbor or pal to take out and feed your best friend while you’re out! #FriendsAreWaiting 🙂

3. Nothing Will Prepare Your Heart For This New Chevy Commercial

Wow Chevy, way to raise the bar on all dog commercials ever.

Chevrolet Commercial 2014 – “Maddie” from The Herd on Vimeo.

2. This Husky Throws a Tantrum of Toddler Proportions When It’s Time to Leave the Dog Park

Hey, this Husky is just expressing what we all feel when we have to leave THE MOST MAGICAL DOGE PLACE ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH.

1. Dog’s DNA Test Comes Back and the Results are Hilarious

It’s our number 1 for a reason: Hilarious and wrong and yet so, so, so very right…

Those are the top 10 videos of 2014! What will 2015 bring? We can’t wait to find out! 🙂