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Dogs. Some are adorable and eager to please. Some are....not. They just know their own mind and refuse to give an inch. A half an inch. ANY ROOM AT ALL. Here are 10 of the most stubborn breeds ever in existence in life/the world/this universe.
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Bred to be guardians, the Akita is loyal and fiercely protective of their home. They are also extremely independent and tenacious, and if they decide a command like "sit" or "down" is a waste of their time, they may just walk away. As one Akita pup parent wrote on their blog, "If I ask Makoi to come, he’ll come (I worked very hard on that…) right up to me…Then he’ll look up at me and take two steps to either side of me and either sit or lie down, as if he was saying, 'Ya, you asked me to come…But I was also wanting to lie down right here at the same time you asked me to come, so therefore it was my idea.'" Nonetheless, trained right and properly socialized, Akitas make wonderful family dogs.
Another breed known for loyalty, tenacity and independence, they also are as obstinate as a three-year-old who doesn't want to go to bed. As this video shows, they hear you when you're calling them, they just don't think you're worth their time at the moment. They also have mugs devoted to their stubborn nature.
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Don't let their beautiful figures and tiny majesty fool you: These pups were bred by Tibetan monks to be watch dogs. Their lovely locks conceal a lionheart that is extremely protective of those they love. Also mischievous and stubborn, Lhasa's like doing what THEY like to do...not necessarily what you want them to do.
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How stubborn are Chows? Well, check out this pooch who refused to get off the precarious window ledge he had gotten himself on until his rescuer had offered him water, petted him, and gave him treats. Also famous for their uniquely colored tongues, the Chow is no teddy bear. An ancient breed that originally was used for guarding, herding, and hunting, Chows are extremely smart, but like doing things their own way. A lot.
Sure a Collie may have saved Timmy when he fell down the well, but you can bet your butt it was the Collie's idea and not because someone told 'em to do it. Although they are very smart and love to please their owners, they are also extremely independent. As herding dogs, they were bred to make decisions without human input, and sometimes they may decide it's time to Or children. Or just, you know, whatever needs herding.
Known as the King of Terriers, the Airedale truly has the terrier nature. Tenacious, willful, playful and very smart, they NEED a challenge in their life. Otherwise they'll find their own challenges, and then stick to 'em (and you might now like what they choose. Like, digging up your garden all the time).
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Please. There are entire lists of YouTube videos that are devoted to the obstinacy of Huskies. Another breed known for their independence and intelligence, a husky that doesn't want to do something is a husky that WON'T do something. Exhibit A: This Husky who refuses to go into his crate. And wins.
Oh Jack Russells. Beloved by Hollywood. Adorable. Smart. And frickin' nuts. Yes, they are as loving as heck, but let's be honest: Jack Russells are THAT kid in class. And true to their terrier nature, when they have an idea in their minds, there is no dissuading them. At all. Whether it's your socks, balloons to pop, digging or just being their adventurous selves, Jack Russells are bundles of energy that Just. Don't. Let. Go.
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"No" is a word that just does not exist in the Dachshund vocabulary. Sure they're comical, loving, protective, blah, blah, blah but they're too smart for their own good and OMG WILL YOU JUST STOP STEALING ALL MY SANDWICHES YOU LITTLE SNEAK I CAN SMELL THE EVIDENCE IN YOUR FARTS! ...This writer may be the pup parent to a Doxie. A thieving, underhanded, OBDURATE IS NOT THE WORD weirdo wiener.
When googling, "Beagles Stubborn" one will come across an ENTIRE FORUM titled, "Why are beagles so stubborn??" That should give you an idea about the obstinacy level of these pups. They're cute, they're loyal, they're loving but holy DOG are these pups headstrong. Bred to track with their nose, if they have a scent, good luck trying to get their attention. Unless you have food. The more food you have, the more willing a Beagle will be to...consider...what you want them to do.
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