Some people go to the gym and like doing things that require movement. Others prefer marathoning Netflix amidst comfy cushions. If you're the latter, here are 12 breeds that are totally willing to go couch potato with you!
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Great Danes. "You can't make me move if I don't wanna."
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Pugs: "This is my natural state. I am fine with this."
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King Charles Cavalier Spaniels: "WE do not need to move about. WE have hoomans who fetch and carry things."
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Greyhounds: "We're conserving energy. Yeah. That's it. It's practically eco-friendly."
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French Bulldogs: "It's only my fourth nap of the morning. Jeez."
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Bullmastiffs: "Gimme five minutes...hours...days..."
Bichon Frises: "This fluff don't power itself. It runs on beauty sleep."
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Irish Wolfhounds: "Yeah. I got the hammock life down. #HatersGonnaHate."
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Basset Hounds: "So this is planking....zzzzzzzzzz...."
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English Bulldogs: "I do my best farting abed."
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Pekingneses: "I have a dream. To dream. Like, actually just dream."
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