20 Celebrity ‘Crazy Dog Ladies’ You Should Be Following On Instagram

20 Celebrity ‘Crazy Dog Ladies’ You Should Be Following On Instagram


Celebs may seem like they live in a different world than us normal folks, but thanks to Instagram, we see that some of them share a common thread- dogs! We’ve rounded up the 20 celebs you should be following for the most entertaining and aww-inducing photos.

20) Julianne Hough


The “Footloose” actress’ account is filled with photos of her beloved pooches, Lexi and Harley. The impeccably groomed King Charles Spaniels are often seen cuddling and giving kisses to their dog mommy in most pics, but occasionally star in adorable videos as well.

19) Mariah Carey


Mariah has been obsessed with Jack Russell Terriers for years, and even has them star in some of her music videos. Her pampered pups are all over her Instagram page, where you can see them flying on private jets, taking bubble baths, and living in the lap of luxury.

18) Hilary Duff


Hilary Duff has a house full of love with her husband, baby boy, and three fuzzy pups. Her Instagram is filled with photos of her sweet pals- Jack, Lola, and Coco looking cute as they nap and cuddle their way through life.

17) Oprah7060b280d1e111e2b7fc22000aa821d1_7

Oprah frequently names off her favorite things, but what’s at the top of her list? Most likely it’s her five dogs, golden retrievers Luke and Layla, cocker spaniel Sadie, and springer spaniels Sunny and Lauren. Her Instagram is stocked with beautiful photos of her surreal life and her pups giving her plenty of love.

16) Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore is a longtime dog lover, and her Instagram page shows. Her two dogs, Douglas and Lucy, make regular appearances on her profile, where they can be seen vamping it up for the camera and just being all-around awesome.

15) Minka Kelly


Minka Kelly’s dog Chewy is the main man in her life, and his adorable mug is posted up all over her Instagram page. The two are serious besties, going on trips together around the world and snuggling between the sheets on a lazy Sunday.

14) Katherine Heigl


Aside from her acting passions, Katherine Heigl has made it her life mission to help dogs in need. Her Instagram page is filled with photos of her fuzzy buddies, including Gertie, her adorable Chihuahua who’s tongue is always sticking out.

13) Sharon Osbourne 


Sharon Osbourne has gone to great lengths to make sure her dogs are well taken care of. They even have their own nanny! Her Instagram page is filled with snaps of their pampered life, including the time her Pomeranian Bella rocked a Chanel necklace- tres chic!

12) Jordin Sparks


Jordin Sparks’ two Schnauzer mixes, Miles and Minnie, are the best of friends, and you can catch their super cute adventures on her Instagram page. Their favorite pastime is playing tug of war together and then taking a nap while using one another as a pillow. D’aww!

11) Rachel Ray


Rachael Ray’s beloved Pittie isn’t the only furry face on her Instagram page. She shows love to her staffer’s dogs and other pups that make their way onto her show, including an adorable lab puppy actress Jenna Elfman brought on recently.

10) Jessica Chastain



Actress Jessica Chastain is over the moon about her three-legged wonder dog Chaplin. One look at her Instagram page and you’ll fall in love with him too! The fluffy poodle mix can often be seen getting groomed in his photos, and one video shows that he loves a good blowout just like the rest of us.

9) Leighton Meester



Leighton Meester’s Longhaired Dachsund Trudy is all about finding the best chill spot. She can be seen on Leighton’s Instagram, sunning in the back window of a car in her “happy place,” and cuddling up in a soft blanket, as shown above.

8) Chelsea Handler



Chelsea Handler’s dogs Chunk and Jax are the highlight of her Instagram page. The two fur brothers can typically be seen riding in the back seat of the car, where hijinks ensue (like the time Chunk sat on Jax’s head).

7) Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton’s pups live in the lap of luxury, as chronicled on her Instagram page. They have endless amounts of fluffy pillows to lay on, a wardrobe full of designer duds, and they get to party around the globe with Paris. What more could a dog want?

6) Ellen Degeneres 


Ellen Degeneres has a soft spot for animals, especially dogs. Her Instagram page is chock-full of hilarious and heartwarming photos of dogs doing the darndest things!

5) Jessica Biel


Jessica Biel’s adoption story about her Pittie “Tina” will bring a tear to your eye, and her Instagram photos are proof of their endless bond. Tina is the star of Jess’ page and even has her own #TuesdaysWithTina feature, where you can catch her adorably napping or doling out some serious sass to the camera.

4) Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus may get flack for her outrageous antics, but there’s no denying that she’s a huge dog lover. She has rescued several fluff nuggets from shelters, and always makes sure to give them a shoutout on her Instagram page.

3) Lauren Conrad 


In between craft photos and serene glimpses of her travels abroad, Lauren Conrad shows some serious love to her furry pals Chloe, Fitz, and a new rescue pup on her Instagram page. They can often be seen getting their belly rubbed, or getting dressed up for a “birthday hoedown.”

2) Amanda Seyfried


By now, you must have heard of Amanda Seyfried’s incredible dog Finn. No? Well, check out her Instagram page to get caught up. He takes over majority of her photos, where you can see him dressed up like a cowboy and balancing things on his nose.

1) Kaley Cuoco


Kaley Cuoco is so obsessed with her dog Norman that she named her Instagram page after him. She also shows some serious love to her other two rescued pups- Loretta and Shirley, who can be seen cuddling with Kaley and enjoying a sunny day at the pool. The life.