3D Printing Lets You Turn Your Pup Into An Action Figure

3D Printing Lets You Turn Your Pup Into An Action Figure

I have to be honest here. The idea of 3D printing yourself is creepy.

I mean, look at this:

I am so creeped out right now that I probably won’t sleep tonight. You know these things move around when you aren’t looking at them. This is worse than a wax museum. The next big horror movie is going to be called House of DOOB.

If you’re wondering why it would be called House of DOOB, it’s because DOOB is a groundbreaking company that originally developed 3D technology to create prosthetics and facial implants for cancer and stroke victims.

The company took a less serious turn when they begin creating 3D printed replicas of humans.

DOOB’s CEO, Michael Anderson, says:

“It’s a recreation of the family photo. They’re more emotional products than vanity products and novelties.”

There’s very little that’s more emotional for humans than their pets. Of course, 3D replicas of fuzzbutts rapidly became popular in the company’s U.S. stores. DOOB sells these replicas for $95 – $650.

This price may seem hefty, but remember that a 3D statue of your pup is an intensive process. It involves 54 cameras and three 3D printers that are over 7 feet long. These printers work overtime for 24 hours to create the statues. Once that happens, it’s up to the humans to fine tune the shapes.

For now, DOOB’s creations are only available in two locations, California and New York. IF you want to see some of the company’s amazing work, follow the hashtag #GetDOOBed on Instagram.

Featured image via @doob3d

h/t DNAInfo.