5 Toys That Terriers Can’t Resist

5 Toys That Terriers Can’t Resist

Your dog’s breed says a lot about their temperament and preferences.


Some dogs are natural guardians who remain loyal to their owners at all times. Others are more athletic, and as such, prefer to run and play outside. Understanding these characteristics will help you better raise your pup – whether the activities you enjoy together, the places you visit, or the toys you buy.


Terriers are lively pups, bred to find, chase, and hunt smaller animals. So, if you’re looking to satisfy your furry friend’s innate desires, here are 5 purfect toys for terriers:

1. Treat Maze, $24


Terriers are bred to seek out smaller animals, and their instincts to search and find prey make them highly intelligent. This treat maze will keep your excitable pup occupied while conjuring his inborn problem-solving skills.

2. Tug & Toss, $8


If your terrier isn’t getting along with other pups in the park, it might be biological, rather than just a bad attitude. Terriers were bred to hunt alone, and this toy will satisfy that side of your dog in a healthy way.

3. Squeak ‘n Treat Booya, $8


This toy’s squeak will mimic the high-pitched sounds of smaller animals, and the hidden treat will play to your terrier’s inclination to search for food. Basically, this toy will satisfy all of your terrier’s natural instincts.

4. Foraging Apple Toy, $9

foraging apple toy

If your terrier is a digger, it might be because of his innate instinct to dig for smaller animals burrowed in the ground. This apple toy hides a treat deep inside, allowing your furry friend to search for food, just like he would do in the wild.

5. Bouncing Squirrel Tail, $14


Mimicking a real animal, this toy is the perfect way to let your terrier feel like a true hunter… without actually hurting anyone, that is.

Featured image via @caseyandjudahbear /Instagram