10 Reasons Your Pup Wants You To Add A Pig To Your Pack

10 Reasons Your Pup Wants You To Add A Pig To Your Pack

Looking to expand (and we do mean e-x-p-a-n-d) your family with a new addition? Consider the pig. Intelligent, clean, noble — and often in need of adoption — pigs make terrific pets and, with the proper introductions, can integrate smoothly into households that already include other animals. In fact, we wager that your dog would be paws-itively ecstatic to have a pig join the pack!

Here to make a case for the joys of interspecies pig-dog friendship are Instagram faves Esther the Wonder Pig and Snack Pak, along with their canine buddies.

1. Pigs are great smoochers.

“IIIII love to love you, baby.”


2. Pigs can open gates.

“Let’s bounce out of here quietly and hope no one squeals.”

3. Pigs share their snacks.

“Broccoli, though? Next time let’s get some real food up in here.”

estherthewonderpig snacks

4. Pigs loooooove to play.

“Snack Pak is the biggest ham.”

5. Pigs make snuggly nap buddies.

“There’s no lullaby like a boar snore.”

estherthewonderpig naps

6. Pigs distract humans during bathtime.

“Snack Pak, you entertain her while I nab the treats.”

7. Pigs are amazing fashion inspiration.

“Love your sty-le, Esther.”

estherthewonderpig fashion

8. Pigs have awesome smiles.

“Even when she’s sleeping, Snack Pak is the happiest little piggy.”

snackpak sleepsmile

9. Pigs are delighted to help torture the cat.

“Canine + Porcine > Feline”

estherthewonderpig cat

10. Pigs are 100% on Team Bellyrub.

“Careful, her ribs are ticklish!”