13 Dogs Who Would Totally Make Aliens Believe Dogs Rule Earth

13 Dogs Who Would Totally Make Aliens Believe Dogs Rule Earth

Many questions surround the subject of aliens. Not immigrants, but aliens. E.T., Little Green Men, Yoda, and all those other potential creatures from outer space.


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Some question whether aliens exist at all, while others believe the universe too big for there to not be aliens. But if they exist, will they come in peace? What will they look like?

More importantly, what will they think about our dogs?


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So we came up with the best possible answer: aliens will think dogs rule humanity. And why wouldn’t they think that? We do EVERYTHING for them. Almost like servants or subjects.

Here’s 13 pups who might mislead aliens into thinking Earth is a doge’s world.

1. “Scrub harder. If I find one flea you’re fired.”

2. “Try to keep up, Two-Legs.”

3. “If you cut them too short I swear to Dog I will get a new hooman.”

4. “Shovel harder, hooman, then come collect my leavings.”

5. “My bed no longer satisfies me, so I took yours.”


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6. “I did not care for my dinner. Yours will do.”


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7. “I said, ‘parted in the center,’ not to the side!”


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8. “Buy me new stuffies. I’ve already played with these.”

9. “Stay, boy. Stay. Good boy.”


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10. “This piece of furniture displeased me. Purchase another.”


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11. “Give me your leg, hooman, so that I might please myself.”


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12. “I chose to relieve myself on the floor. Clean it up.”

13. “Dress me. And make sure we match, so others will know you belong to me.”


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