15 Animals Who Have A Secret Desire To Be Puppies

15 Animals Who Have A Secret Desire To Be Puppies

Occasionally, the BarkPost team stumbles on a video that we desperately wish we could post, of an animal that’s…well…not a dog. We’re sorry. We know we’ve betrayed your trust.

We have lots of ruv for the whole animal kingdom (except for that one species formally known as the Cathole) and desperately wish we could give them as many internet snugs and shares as we give our best pals. So this is for the underdawgs—the animals who aren’t dogs but secretly (and not so secretly) wish they were. They have a special place in our hearts. The tiny corner that isn’t taken up by dogs.

1. Like these baby foxes who found a dog toy and their true calling.

2. There’s this sweet platypus enjoying an aquatic belly scratch.

3. How about this otter who has mastered the age-old pup trick of playing dead.

4. How about this armadillo who doesn’t give a pup about species stereotypes!

5. And then there’s this bird… who’s pretty dang sure he’s barking. #WhyWontYouAnswerMe

6. Annnnnd these wolves. Or as they like to think of themselves: Original Gangtsa Dogs. It’s no secret that we adore our wilder, furrier kind-of-dog friends (take a look at them opening their HowlBoxes!)

7. This elephant could totally give this dog a run for his money.

8. This lion cub who desperately wants to be part of the pack, but only succeeds in scaring the crap out of his friends.

9. This cow named Milkshake who brings all the dogs to the yard. #IWouldTeachYouButIdHaveToMOOOOOO

10. This fox whose prime tail wags are totally dog-worthy.

11. This turtle who can hold his own playing soccer with a pup. Color us impressed.

12. And this seal who is really just a dog mermaid. (Obviously.)

13. This hedgehog who received a BarkBox and shared some dog treats with her puppy sister. HEDGEHOG MUNCHES.

14. This bunny who is out to steal this Sheepdog’s job!

15. Blerg. Fine, if we must.