Get Your Paws On These Unique DIY Designs From Japan And China

Get Your Paws On These Unique DIY Designs From Japan And China

It was only a matter of time before dogs started living in nicer houses than us humans. And really, why shouldn’t they?

Cue in Architecture for Dogs, a new project that is part DIY community outreach, part roving art exhibition. Snoopy’s red pad has nothing on these modern works of art, like this Wanmock fit for a lounging Jack Russell (fun fact: in Japanese “woof” is said as “wan” – Wan + Hammock = Wanmock!)

Check out this “Mobile Home for Shiba” by Toyo Ito for the pup on the go!

According to the website, Architecture for Dogs was created to rethink scale and design from a dog’s perspective and is targeted to inspire design savvy dog owners. The project is led by world class graphic designer and visual communication guru Kenya Hara, who is best known for his work at Japanese retailer MUJI. It also includes contributions by other well-known architectures from around the world.

The thirteen pieces are currently on display in Chengdu, China and will be making their way to the TOTO GALLERY·MA’s Exhibition Space in Tokyo this fall.

Atelier Bow-Wow design the perfect piece for a Dachshund!

For those of you who can’t travel to Japan anytime soon, all of the custom blueprints and instructions are available to download – for free! So for all of you DIY fanatics who want to build your pup a homemade luxury pad, now you can. Or, for those of you with a bit less design talent and/or spare time on your hands, feel free to purchase a pre-made kit which requires about as much assembly effort as a piece of IKEA furniture.

For more information about the project, upcoming exhibitions and available blueprints visit