Astronaut Includes His Dogs In Official NASA Portrait

Astronaut Includes His Dogs In Official NASA Portrait

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Who knew a NASA portrait could be so doggone cute?

The space program’s traditional pose was temporarily upstaged when astronaut Leland Melvin turned his official NASA picture into an impromptu family photo session.


Image via PEOPLE Pets

Clad in his orange NASA space suit, Melvin flashes a huge smile as he happily gets a kiss and a snuggle from his dogs, Jake and Scout.

It wasn’t long before the snapshot set tails – er, tongues – wagging on Twitter.


Image via PEOPLE Pets

When a fan of the photo asked if the space explorer had really managed to sneak his two furry sidekicks into the studio, the proud dog owner responded, “Yes sir!”

But Melvin, who is also the host of Child Genius, knows how to take control of his canines. He later shared a second shot of his well-behaved pooches sitting pretty by his side.

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Featured image via PEOPLE Pets