17 Dogs Who Understand The Struggles Of Being A Band Geek

17 Dogs Who Understand The Struggles Of Being A Band Geek

Remember those long lessons after school, be they piano or guitar. Maybe you were in the school band, or a band of your own. Whatever the case, a musical instrument probably came between you and your relationship with music at some point.

Here are 17 pups that totally get the love-hate relationship an instrument can inspire.

1. “This is exactly why I told mom I wanted a drumset.”

2. “I spent a semester studying the flute in Paris.” #YeahRight #ParisTexas

3. “Look lady, I told you I have a girlfriend.” #SheGetsSuspiciousWhenImOnTheRoad

4. “Join a band? What is this, the 90s?”

5. “Hoomans act like this is so hard.”

6. “For my big finale, I kick over the cymbals and pee on the bass drum.”

8. “I call this next tune, “Who Let The Hoomans Out?” See what I did there…”

9. “Not true man, the recorder is the most under-appreciated instrument there is. It’s been around since the 14th century!” #HipsterDog #StopTalkingStopTalkingStopTalking

10. “Thank you, Mom and Dad! I can’t wait to start practicing.”

11. “I quit!”

12. “Just because I asked for a pair of maracas doesn’t mean I should be subjected to this humiliating breedist stereotype.”

13. “He thinks he’s so good, but his fingers aren’t even big enough to mash down all the buttons at once.”

14. “Someone find me a cobra to charm with this thing, because I am AMAZING.”

15. “My voice is my instrument.” #Ahem

16. “I think I’m too small to reach all the buttons…”

17. “I’m done lugging this thing around. Time to join the debate team.”