This Summer’s Most Awesome Festival Will Let You Bring Your Dog And Play With Toys

This Summer’s Most Awesome Festival Will Let You Bring Your Dog And Play With Toys

If you’re like me, each festival season you get super excited about seeing all your favorite performers on stage at the likes of Coachella or Bonnaroo! But then you suddenly remember: “I can’t bring my dog to Bonnaroo! WHY!!!!!!!!”


Worry not, Citizen! There’s hope!


And it’s not just a festival you can bring your dog to, it is a festival that was made for you and your dog! That’s right. There’s nothing you can’t do with your dog at BarkFest 2016!


Here’s a quick peak at how sweet last year’s event was!


Whether you’re a comic book geek with a penchant for puppies or a you’re a super jock with a soft spot for Pitbulls, there’s something for every pup parent at BarkFest.

First and foremost, let’s talk tech. We here at BarkPost Discover are known to enjoy all things scientific, and there will be some top-tier tech at BarkFest 2016. You’ll have the chance to check out or try these great gadgets!


1. Pip: Peace of mind for you and a safer world for your pup.

Pip is a new product by petsimpl that brings you the best pet loss prevention technology can provide!

2. Clever Pet: Engage Idle Paws

And then there’s this brilliant gadget by Clever Pet, the “video game” your dog can play when you’re away! Your pup can give this a try at BarkFest all… day… long!

3. Poof: The daily activity monitor that keeps you up to date on your pup’s health and location.

Everybody wants to know what their dog is up to when then they’re not around, especially if that dog likes to explore an empty house! With Poof you’ll get wind of any mischief or emergency before the situation gets out of control.

Intrigued? We know you are. You can fetch tickets here! But wait… I didn’t even tell you where it is!


If you live in the TriState area, you’ll find the event at Manhattan’s Pier 97 on May 22, 2016. The fest starts at 2pm and goes until 8pm (or your dog falls asleep from fun fatigue!). Click here for tickets!

And if you’re out on the West Coast, fear not!


We’ll have BarkFest LA in October!

*cough cough* Don’t forget to get your tickets!