Next Week, A One Of A Kind Experiment Will Find Out What Toys Your Dog Really Loves

Next Week, A One Of A Kind Experiment Will Find Out What Toys Your Dog Really Loves

Oh hi! If you’re as excited about this as we are, you can get your tickets now at See you there!

In less than a week, New Yorkers and their dogs are gonna have a chance to test a brand new, one of a kind shopping experience. For the first time ever, dogs will be doing their own toy shopping, with the help of advanced technology and the mad scientists at Bark & Co.

barkshop live pic

From June 6-12, a ‘pup-up’ shop will be operating in lower Manhattan: BarkShop Live. Inside, there’s no packaging and no shelves. Instead, BarkShop Live is a curated play space, with a bounty of unwrapped toys for your dog to discover and play with at their own pace. Because what dog can resist a private playground?

part 1 barkshop live

Each dog will be outfitted with a high tech vest, which will connect with sensors in the toys and an app on their human’s smartphone, allowing each dog’s owner to track how much love and attention a dog gives each toy. What toys do they like, what toys do they dislike, what toys do they LOVE? BarkShop Live is gonna find out!

part 2 barkshop live

The app will identify the time and attention the dog gave each toy- and offer the dog’s person the easy option to have the toy shipped to their home. Which means them toys are gonna be easy to choose and easy to pick up.

part 3 barkshop live

The shop is operating by appointment only, and you can buy your tickets (one per dog) at Best part, you’ll get all your money back in awesome toys, with your ticket price going 100% to a credit to spend on your dog’s favorite finds.

phone barkshop live

So will this grand experiment work? Which toy will be *your* dog’s favorite? We’re not sure what’s going to happen, but we’re pretty sure it’s going to be awesome!

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