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1. Labrador Retriever: Labradors, like this snuggle pup sharing some love with college students, thrive around people.
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2. French Bulldog: French Bulldogs, like this Frenchie waiting to be read to, are a quirky, smart and kind breed.
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3. Greyhound: The gentle nature of the Greyhound makes it an ideal breed for therapy work.
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4. Pomeranian: The Pomeranian is an inquisitive breed, full of personality and covered in fluff, two qualities that can be welcoming to nervous strangers.
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5. Miniature Poodle: Like their larger counterpart, miniature Poodles are highly intelligent, yet small enough to sit in a hooman's lap.
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6. Golden Retreiver: Golden Retrievers are the kind of dog that have never met a stranger, which makes them perfect for therapy work.
7. Yorkshire Terrier: The small size of the Yorkie makes it an easy breed to lift onto hospital beds, and their silky fur is oh-so-snuggly.
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8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Cavies are known for being an affectionate and gentle breed.
9. German Shepherd : German Shepherds have been serving hoomans for decades, with therapy work being just one of the many areas they succeed in.
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10. Dachshund: Dachshunds are known for snuggling up in blankets, as well as being a curious, spunky breed.
11. Pug: Pugs love being near people and are always eager to please their hoomans.
12. Corgi: Corgis are known for being smart and affectionate, without being too pushy.
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13. Collie: Collies are known for being in-tune to human emotion ( and they're great with children.)
14. Beagle: Beagles are a loveable breed known for their easy-going personality.
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15. Standard Poodle: Poodles are known for their extraordinary intelligence and trainability.
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16. Maltese: The Maltese is the quintessential lapdog, and has long luxurious fur, perfect for petting.
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16 Kind, Gentle Breeds That Make For Excellent Therapy Dogs

The job of a Therapy Dog is to provide affection and comfort to hoomans. Therapy Dogs must have a very specific personality in order to work in places like hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. They must be patient, gentle, calm, and above all, affectionate. While any breed can be trained for Therapy Work, the following commonly have qualities necessary for a successful Therapy Dog.

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Featured Image via Therapy Dog Tetley/ Instagram