It’s Time To Accept The Truth About “Aggressive Dogs”

Think you know for sure that you’re more likely to be attacked by a Pit Bull than a Poodle? Well, you don’t know Jack Russell Terrier, my friend!

pit bull hugging owner

New research says that factors such as a dog’s training, treatment by its owner, and environment are much stronger indicators of its tendency towards aggression than its breed. We’ve seen time and time again that, just like hoomans, pups can overcome a ruff situation or background when given the proper attention, care, and learning tools. Just look at how the lives of Michael Vick’s fighting dogs have turned around!


Check out some eye-opening facts from Discovery News’ report on a study of canine aggression by the University of Bristol School of Veterinary Science:

– Dogs that went to puppy training classes were one and a half times less likely to be aggressive to strangers. They were more socialized at an early age.

– Dogs who were trained using punishments and yelling were twice as likely to be aggressive to strangers and three times as likely to be aggressive to their owners, so tough love, not a good move dogwise.

Now all this shows that anger and aggressiveness in dogs comes from fear and anxiety, just like it does in people. A dog handled appropriately is going to be a well behaved dog regardless of breed.

h/t to Upworthy

Featured image via @steven_is_god.