Property Brothers Unveil Today Show Pup’s New Playground

Property Brothers Unveil Today Show Pup’s New Playground

When the Today Show’s Puppy With A Purpose joined the crew to educate viewers about the service of guide dogs, his new coworkers eagerly welcomed him aboard, even celebrating the audience-chosen name, Wrangler, when it was given.


Recently, Wrangler was the recipient of his own dog park, a gift of appreciation to keep Wrangler healthy and fit.


The pawsonal park was designed by the celebrated “Property Brothers,” who are known for the in-home dog park they built for their own pup.


Though Wrangler is expected to eventually outgrow the personal exercise space, the Today Show will donate the equipment to Guiding Eyes For The Blind, a nonprofit dedicated to providing guide dogs to the visually impaired.

Wrangler himself is a guide dog in training, and one will day provide aide and comfort to someone requiring his special skills.


As for building a personal park for your pup, the Property Brothers offer these three pieces of advice:

1. Keep your dog’s personal space personal. Move the space away from distractions, like the back porch or a screened patio. Any place that might be intended for human recreation. (But make sure it’s a place you can easily see from indoors.)

2. Include the basics: water, shade, potty spot, and lots of homemade obstacles in enough space to run around in.

3. Safety comes first. Last but not least, keep the personal park away from toxic plants or other hazards. Make sure the space is visible so you can easily supervise your pup.

My, how this pup has grown!


You can watch Wrangler expertly maneuver through his new agility course below!

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