5 Dogs Who’ll Take Their Burger Rare This #NationalBurgerDay

5 Dogs Who’ll Take Their Burger Rare This #NationalBurgerDay

It’s National Burger Day, which brings up an interesting question: Is it safe for your pooch to eat super rare burger meat? I mean, they’re descended from wolves, after all.


People food will always be people food, so we discourage you from giving your pup a big ole honking burger, but that doesn’t mean your dog’s digestion can’t handle rare or raw meat.


Raw dog food diets still are a little controversial, but dogs can basically eat the same things they ate before the species was domesticated.

That means (delicious) raw meat and veggie scraps. Consuming raw meat may even lead to having a shinier coat, better skin, cleaner teeth, increased energy levels, and, gee whiz, smaller poops. Yay all around.

Since ground beef on a bun may not be the best place to start your dog’s raw food diet, consult with your vet about how you can safely transition your dog’s diet.


But that won’t keep your pup from giving you those googly eyes when they see you cookin’. And your pup isn’t the only one hanging out near the stove or grill when Burger O’clock strikes. Here are five dogs who are craving burger meat right this instant:

1. This dog will take a rare burger!


2. This dog is really itching for a rare burger.


3. Amanda Seyfried’s dog definitely wants a rare burger.


4. This dog cannot wait for a rare burger (with fries on the side, please.)

Is it safe for dogs to eat raw meat?

5. And this dog wants a rare burger real bad, but isn’t sure if the offer is sincere… #ItsAFake


Happy National Burger Day to you and your pup!

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Featured image via @korone_rhmp /Instagram